Defense in the field of fire and environmental protection is becoming more and more complex and time-consuming. At the same time, less qualified personnel are available and budget cuts make the tasks more difficult.

Our mission
We develop and sell PFAS-free products with significantly increased efficiency, higher extinguishing performance and the preventive use of the extinguishing agents. Avoiding fluorine telomeres like AFFF has been our path from the start.

Innovative, also for the environment
The environment is another very important concern for us. PFAS-free products are our guiding principle. We make sure that the products are easily degradable after use and are gentle on people and the environment.

Effective and Efficient
In the event of danger, the products must be able to be used, easy, quickly and universally without additional training or changing equipment.
If used properly, damage to people and the environment is reduced or even completely avoided.

PFAS-free & SVHC-free
Our extinguishing agents – FireEx® C-MFireEx® C-MarineFireEx® Forest – FireEx® LA – are completely without persistent and toxic chemicals, also free of phosphate and butyl diglycol. Our fluorine-free products have never been mixed with PFOS, PFOA or other substances from these areas.

(*)no substances containing PFAS are added during production. However, contaminants resulting from the general pollution of our environment are inevitable.


Discover our range
We offer innovative products. Each of our products offers unique selling points that set them apart from potential competitors.


Extinguishing Agents

Fire Extinguishers

Absorbers and Binders

Product groups
In addition to fire brigades and technical aid organizations, our products are also aimed at the chemical industry, laboratories, cities and municipalities, hazardous transports, the automotive industry and crash test centers, educational institutions as well as the health sector, gastronomy, the construction sector and many more.

About us

Prevent Tec GmbH was founded in 2011. Since then, numerous patents and innovative products have been created. The focus is on the new and further development of products for hazard prevention in the area of ​​fire, chemical and environmental protection. Prevent Tec GmbH markets the products independently, and with partners from trade and industry. Customers can be found in the chemical, energy, automotive, municipal and service sectors, among others.

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Effective and Efficient

Our products are used every day in companies and plant fire departments. Our products do important work there to relieve employees, protect people and fight fires or prevent them as a preventive measure.

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